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Toll’s head office is located in Melbourne Australia. They have been assisting our consumers for over 130 years. With 500 locations in 25 countries and a forwarding network covering 150 countries, They now serve over 20,000 clients globally.

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People and corporations propel the world forward every minute, every day, via numerous decisions, transactions, encounters, and breakthroughs. Making decisions that shape marketplaces and industries. Track your parcel now!

Trace & Track Toll Parcel


Moves that have an economic impact and empower communities. And it is here that they excel since the only way for their clients to keep moving is for them to keep moving, bringing deep passion and experience from across our organization to make these changes a reality.

So, when their consumers need them the most, they bring their best selves to bear so that they may be their best.

That is why they never give up. Why do they strive for perfection in all they do? Why do they put enthusiasm behind every step forward?

Why do they work together to achieve success? Then extend your reach even further to anticipate what comes next.

Toll does more than simply logistics. They shift the businesses that shift the world.

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CEO & Founder

When the Toll Company was founded in 1888, it began as a horse and cart haulage company. Today, more than a century later, we are a major supplier of integrated logistics with a worldwide reach, based in the Asia Pacific area. They employ over 40,000 employees throughout a network of 1,200 locations in over 50 countries.

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They are enthusiastic about expanding on our 127-year legacy of providing exceptional transportation and logistics solutions to their clients, as well as connecting people and things.

Their mission is to provide their clients with an unequaled combination of global supply chain capabilities while also creating long-term value.

It offers the most reliable and appropriate tracking services for both local and international Toll Priority shipments. It provides status updates in your chosen language on a single page.

To begin tracking your package, go to the Parcel Monitor on Toll’s website and begin your journey for hassle-free logistics.

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Head Office Address

Following are the contact addresses of Toll Head office including postal, email, website, fax numbers.

  • Address of Head office is Level 1, 8 Australia Ave, Melbourne Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
  • (03) 9644 5200 is the phone number to call.
  • 1300 816 148 is the number to call for Technical Support.
  • E-mail of head office is [email protected].
  • Toll Group’s website
  • Fax Number of head office is 1800 188 655.

Contact Number

Some contact numbers other than the main numbers are as follows:

  • 1300 865 547 for customer service.
  • Pickup Reservations (1300 865 547).
  • Toll Lite Helpline Desk at 1300 884 732.

Email Support

Some email addresses in addition to the main email address are as follows:

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