Toll Tracking Features

Toll tracking has never been so easy! Toll Shipment, a subsidiary of MyToll Group, provides you with the most convenient and accurate way to track your shipment’s transit status and location.

This toll tracking tool allows you to quickly search shipment information based on the name of your product, the date your product was shipped, or the carrier that shipped it. This makes tracking multiple shipments simultaneously easy and fast!

Toll Tracking Features

If you’re looking for a shipment tracking service, then you’ll want to know what MyToll Group of Shipment Tracking Features is.

The best thing about MyToll is that it gives you a plethora of features – but only when you need them. If tracking is your only concern, then there is no need to pay for extra features.

However, if you’re on a tight schedule or are shipping an item that has sensitive information, then it’s probably worth paying extra.

To learn more about MyToll Group of Shipment Tracking Features, contact us today!

Features of MyToll Tracking

MyToll provides quick and easy access to your shipment’s progress at any time during transit. MyToll provides real-time updates on delivery status, including pickup location, estimated date of arrival, scheduled delivery date, and location when available.

MyToll will also show you if your shipment has been transferred to another vehicle or has arrived at its destination. You can sign up for optional notifications to receive these tracking updates via text message, email, or an app on your mobile device.

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How many shipment tracking features do I get?

With just one feature comes many benefits: Here at MyToll, they offer many benefits and options for their customers who use their services. Some may even be surprised by how much they can do with just one feature! For example, with custom tracking numbers and auto-tracking you can follow shipments in real-time using just one feature!

How long does it take to activate my shipment tracking feature?

The activation time for your shipment tracking feature depends on how far away from your courier’s system is from theirs. Typically, it takes about a minute to activate your tracking feature.

However, if there are any issues with their systems or your courier’s system, you will receive an error message letting you know that there was a problem.

They recommend checking back within 24 hours to try again and ensure that both systems are running properly at that time.

What are the benefits of using the shipment tracking features offered by MyToll Group?

Benefits of using MyToll Group for shipment tracking include real-time updates about your shipments, status notifications, and customized shipping alerts.

MyToll Group also has an Advanced Search function which is a new and advanced search feature, to improve your search experience.

Advanced Search helps you find exactly what you’re looking for; you can refine your search by entering multiple shipment number formats, including ATA, UPS, FedEx, and USPS tracking numbers.

How can I make use of MyToll Group’s integrated shipment tracking features in my business?

The MyToll Group integrated toll tracking features are a great way to monitor your shipments while they’re in transit.

Even if you don’t ship all of your goods by truck, it can be helpful to monitor deliveries as they progress toward their final destination—especially for high-value shipments of sensitive goods that need special care.


The MyToll Group shipment tracking features can be accessed on their website and are included in all plans. MyToll is also available on all major smartphones, tablet devices, and other portable gadgets. Their live help staff is always willing to assist any customers who may have any questions about their services or their toll tracking features.

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