Toll Priority Tracking – Contact Number, Login (Australia)

If you require next-day delivery to an Australian capital city or significant regional hub, or if you want your freight priority, Toll’s Priority service is for you.

It offers the networks, flexibility, and experience to satisfy your demands whether you want to transfer papers, satchels, and packages or larger things such as skids and pallets in Australia or New Zealand.

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When it comes to speed, we know you want to monitor your freight and Toll’s user-friendly technology will help you to effortlessly locate your items in transit. Its Priority service also includes a variety of value-added alternatives, such as:

  • After-hours, weekend, and public holiday deliveries
  • Time-sensitive delivery windows
  • High-risk and closely regulated freight
  • Hand-to-hand delivery of risky commodities
  • Biological substances (category B)
  • Items that are temperature regulated (Australia only)
  • Delivery of medical supplies
  • Consumer delivery and e-commerce
  • Returns / reverse logistics

How fast is toll priority?

In Toll priority, the following are the delivery timings of various packages


The Fast service can complete in 1-2 days depending on the location.


The Standard delivery service, which is one of the least expensive and follows the main routes, can take between 8 and 10 days, making it the ideal option for the most economy-minded.

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What does Returned to Depot mean Toll?

When it is obvious that the box has not been properly packed or sealed, the courier driver may refuse it at the time of collection. If the courier only discovers this at the depot, the box may be returned after it has been picked up. As the sender, you must select the optimum method for preparing and sealing your cargo.

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Do tolls deliver Saturday?

Toll does not provide delivery on weekends. If your area’s delivery provider is a private contractor, they would only do that. Toll’s organization does deliver on weekends, however, it is largely for drugs and other urgent items that customers request, then emergency delivery on weekends can also be arranged under very special circumstances.

What is Toll Priority off-peak?

Toll Courier Off-Peak Service provides delivery to most urban and country areas within 3-5 business days. Prices vary according to size, weight, quantity, and location, but starts at Australia $13.00 for a parcel weighing up to 3kg. Toll Off-Peak Service allows you to track your order independently and conveniently.

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