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Toll provides a distinct set of business support services that have grown as a result of their logistical capabilities. From personnel recruiting and relocation to print management, they can assist you while you focus on your main business.

Trace & Track Toll Parcel

DX Mail

Toll’s DX Mail is Australia’s sole national document exchange service, and it delivers your papers quickly, securely, and accurately Document distribution that is quick, safe, and cost-effective.

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Every working day, they deliver over 100,000 DX Mail papers thanks to the large air and road network.

DX Mail membership allows you to transmit papers to other business members across Australia via a network of conveniently accessible document exchanges, with documents typically delivered by 9 a.m. the next working day.

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You may also use the DX International service to transfer business papers worldwide. Over 20,000 members from a variety of industries, including legal, financial, insurance, and government, presently use our DX mail services.

Mailroom Services

They can handle all of your typical inbound postal letter processing and related responsibilities. they can provide a variety of mailroom services to assist your organization saves time, money, and resources, whether you require onsite management for your existing mailroom or a full offshore solution.

They’ll collect your incoming mail from your secured box, open it automatically for you, classify it into client categories, and then route it to the appropriate office departments.

You may delegate all of your scanning, mailing database management, and even return-to-sender responsibilities to them. They can also manage and deposit your incoming mail.


Design, print management, promotional items, mail house management, and logistical services are all part of the integrated communication solutions.

They may provide design and print management services on an as-needed basis, or they can give a completely integrated system that controls the customization and management of all your print requirements, from design through fulfillment, warehousing, and inventory management.

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They also specialize in promotional products and apparel, ranging from off-the-shelf things to custom-made items.


They will supply you with a fully integrated solution that addresses all of your design and print management needs. They do more than manage your printing as a market leader in the development and execution of print management programs.

They provide a completely integrated system for managing all aspects of your print and logistics supply chain, from design through fulfillment, storage, and inventory control.


They can assist you if you are seeking original, eye-catching, and unforgettable promotional things to promote your company.

They can help you with all of your promotional merchandise requirements. With over 20 years of expertise, The promotional merchandise team will collaborate with you to develop a creative solution that fulfills your objectives, your budget, and, most importantly, portrays your business in the best light possible.

They can handle all logistics, from storing your things to managing your fulfillment program, in addition to finding or producing the correct promotional materials for you.

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Relocation Services

They provide a comprehensive selection of professional relocation services, whether you’re wanting to relocate to a new workplace, provide relocation help to your workers, or relocate your household.

They provide comprehensive end-to-end relocation management services, specializing in skilfully, compassionately, and effectively transferring individuals, families, and businesses.

Every year, we organize tens of thousands of home and office relocations both domestically and internationally for a variety of government organizations and corporations.

They recognize that moving requirements vary, therefore we attentively listen to your demands and provide flexible, customized solutions for every case.

Whatever your relocation requirements are, they have the specialist knowledge, expertise, and logistical networks to offer you professional guidance and help on every part of your project.

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