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In this article, we describe MyToll Functionality guide. While you may have not heard of Mytoll Group before, they are one of the biggest shipping companies in the world and are responsible for moving more than 5 million shipments every year.

Describe Toll Tracking Functionality

Mytoll Group was started with only five employees working from an apartment in Duisburg, Germany.

Today, Mytoll Group has become one of the biggest names in the global shipping industry, with offices all over the world and about 100 employees spread across nine countries and three continents.

Mytoll group of shipping provides international cargo shipping services, an online booking system for delivery companies, and airfreight.

It’s the latest technology-driven web application that ensures that customs issues, payment delays, or lost shipments are a thing of the past.

Mytoll group works in cooperation with many leading logistics companies around the world to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure fast delivery.

No matter where you are or what you’re shipping – Mytoll group can handle your shipment globally through any carrier to any location.

How does Mytoll Group work?

Mytoll Group works with companies in two main ways: Firstly, by assisting you in outsourcing your shipping operations, and secondly, by helping you improve your existing shipping practices.

In both cases, they offer a broad spectrum of benefits that help them support their clients’ growing businesses on all fronts. Your support will be managed from one of their offices situated around India’s major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Hyderabad & Pune.

The Setup Process

If you’re looking to sell your goods online in a country other than where you reside, there are some important steps to follow when setting up a Mytoll account. It all starts with having an email address for each of your business names.

Moreover, from there, potential vendors need to sign up for a local bank account in their new country (if they don’t already have one) and register that bank account with their desired shipping company.

About Section on Individual Page

Working with the Mytoll group, you will enjoy a host of benefits. To begin with, you will experience 24/7 support for your business regardless of where in the world you are located.

They realize that many online businesses flourish at night when traditional business hours come to an end; thus they provide round-the-clock support for their clients through a host of methods: phone, live chat, and email support or dropbox submission.

What are some common uses for the functionality? 

There are several common uses for Mytoll. First, your custom shipping solution allows you to provide a personalized touch to your customer experience. This functionality is valuable for increasing brand loyalty.

If a customer feels like they’re receiving something unique or special from you, then they’ll be more inclined to do business with you in the future; after all, they won’t be able to find that special service elsewhere.


The best way to transport your goods from point A to point B is through a shipping company, as you’ll be able to transport thousands of dollars worth of merchandise for just hundreds.

There are many shipping companies out there, but one that stands out among them all is Mytoll Group. This company goes above and beyond in terms of service, affordability, and reliability. For more information on how they work and what they can do for you, contact them today!

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