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We have faced so many problems because of time and distance in the past, but that no longer has to be an issue. With tracking services like DTDC Tracking in Australia, we have access to time-sensitive information as it happens, wherever we are, and whenever we need it.

Whether you’re wondering where your parcel is or waiting on an important package to arrive, you can contact the experts at DTDC Tracking in Australia any time you want to stay in the loop. Check MyToll Group as well.

How to Track DTDC Australia Post

To track or check your consignment in DTDC you can use an online tracker.

  • Just enter your shipment number
  • Click on the Track/Check button.
  • You will get all details about your shipment like status, delivery date, location, contact number, etc. on screen.

Track DTDC Courier

DTDC Tracking via SMS

To check your courier’s delivery status via SMS, you can send a text message to 0155-874-384. This will allow you receive immediate replies with information on where your package is and its expected delivery time.

DTDC Australia Customer Care

If you have any concerns regarding your shipment, you can contact them on 011-40505050 and speak with their customer care executives.

You can also email them at [email protected]. They will respond to you in a few hours. If they are unable to resolve your issue over phone or email, they will provide a unique reference number for your concern/query which can be used by the DTDC Customer Care representative for future reference. This is how they work to ensure that all queries raised by customers are addressed promptly.

International Customer Care

DTDC tracking also takes care of its foreign customer. It has a broad range of connections all over the world. International customers can call the customer service agents in the same way as domestic clients. You can also send your queries via email to their official email address.

The customer support chat is also another way to connect to the company directly. The crew will reply within seconds to you and the company will resolve the issue thoroughly.

DTDC Tracking Number Format

The common format used by DTDC Australia for all its customers has 12 characters. All the characters are only numeric digits.

There are no special characters included in the DTDC tracking number. Customers can track the parcel with the help of the tracking number assigned to them while booking.

CEO Of DTDC Courier

Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty is the founder and CEO of DTDC tracking Australia. He oversees all operations related to DTDC tracking Australia while maintaining a flexible approach to help business clients achieve their goals.

DTDC Australia Tracking

Company Profile

Since founding DTDC tracking Australia, Mr. Subhasish has led his team to new heights by maximizing potential and creating opportunities for his colleagues.

In a short time, he’s been able to strengthen DTDC tracking Australia’s capabilities and reputation within Australasia and beyond.

His leadership style is one that inspires confidence among employees and ensures they have everything they need to succeed.

His ability to foster positive relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors alike has played an integral role in DTDC tracking Australia’s success over the years.

International Logistics

From transporting goods to customers and supplying products to retail stores, logistics is a critical aspect of many businesses.

But working with an international shipping company can be particularly challenging. If you’re working with DTDC, though, getting your products around isn’t a problem because they have got it covered for you.

Their freight services include air freight, sea freight, warehousing & distribution. When you work with them, they make sure that every shipment goes out on time and arrives safely and they even provide real-time tracking so that you know exactly where your package is at all times.

DTDC Tracking Aftership (Australia)

This company also offers Aftership service to facilitate its customers. Aftership is an online shipment tracking software. With its help, you can see all shipping data in one place. It can track a company’s vehicles by adding GPS to its vehicles and online platform.

You can check the tracking number, estimated delivery date, and multiple shipping details on it. Here, you will get everything related to your shipments in one place.

Using the Aftership platform, you can track your packages via phone numbers or email addresses with other facilities like notes & description updates.

Head Office

The DTDC head office is located at 545, 8th Ave, Suite 17S New York, NY 10018. You can visit the office from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

DTDC Complaint

If your delivery company has lost your package, you can complain online. The DTDC tracking complaint form is easy to use and will help get things moving quickly.

It’s a two-step process that requires first logging in with a username and password. You’ll then have to select a tracking number from your parcel receipt before entering your complaint.

From there, you can leave detailed information about your case and specify what type of response you would like.

DTDC Australia Branches List

DTDC has more than 250 connections around the world. Some of the branches are listed below

Branches Name Contact NO. Email Address


+94 1147127703

+94 4712774



[email protected]

47, Skelton Garden, Colombo – 05, Sri Lanka



0092 21 111 727 747


[email protected]

17- F, Block 6, PECHS



+254 723 043 663


[email protected]

G-20, Lunga Lunga Square, Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya






DTDC House,

No. 3, Victoria Road,

Bangalore 560047,











[email protected]









[email protected]



DELHI – 110028






MUMBAI – 400063















PUNE – 411020





KOLKATA – 700059

DTDC Services Given in Australia

DTDC offers multiple services to its clients, including same-day delivery, parcel, and courier services.

It also offers:

  • Customer clearance and delivery
  • Interstate courier service
  • Shop from India deliver in Australia
  • Sea freight from Australia worldwide
  • Door to port service
  • Road services

Transport Services

For transporting your goods and logistics, DTDC provides a number of services that are specially designed to meet your individual needs.

Bus Transport

DTDC delivers by bus only to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. For all other states, bus delivery is done via road transport.

Overland Services

DTDC Overland shipping provides affordable and reliable shipping services for your cargo. With the door-to-door pickup, tracking services and insurance are included, providing peace of mind to customers.

Overland cargo is processed with care and efficiency as it is delivered across different countries within a stipulated timeframe.

Cash on Delivery

DTDC provides a service that is specifically meant for cash on delivery transactions.  This type of transaction allows customers to pay for their purchases only after they have received them, and it has been specially designed to cater to people who are not comfortable with making online payments or who don’t have access to credit cards.

The tracking number will be provided by DTDC once your package has been shipped out and you can use it to track your package online until it reaches you.

About DTDC Australia

DTDC is a well-known worldwide courier service provider. It has more than 30 years of experience and offers its services to more than 200 countries around the world.

The company provides products like logistics, courier, shipping, warehousing, and transport solutions to various industries such as the e-commerce and retail industries.

Among others, it has offices located in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Many companies rely on express delivery providers such as DTDC tracking Australia for receiving parcels from manufacturers or suppliers abroad or getting important documents delivered from one office to another within one country.


A DTDC franchise might be established in a big metropolis or even a village. With DTDC, you may create your own company.

You will have to invest more than 40,000 in it. You can submit the application for launching a franchise in your desired area to the DTDC head office.


If you have basic knowledge of IT and good communication skills then you can easily get the best career opportunities in DTDC tracking company Australia. You will be working on many types of projects related to Logistics, Retail, E-Commerce, etc.

Jobs in DTDC

DTDC courier has been serving people all across the world, and now they have come up with new job openings for you. If you are willing to start your career as a courier executive then apply immediately.

Working Hours

DTDC has devoting employees who work 6 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm.

Courier Delivery Times

It usually takes 2-6 days in delivering parcels and other shipments within the country or across the border.  They have two types of delivery: standard and express. The former will take 3–4 days while the latter will be delivered within 2–3 days.

Box Sizes

There are 4 types of boxes DTDC provides to their customers. They are Small Box, Medium boxes, Large Box, and Extra-Large Box. All these sizes have different rates.

You will find everything from flat-rate packaging to rigid cardboard cases, which are ideal for storing discs, tapes, and other delicate items.

There are also a number of shipping mailers available, which can be useful if you’re sending things like USB drives or digital cameras – these include bubble mailers and padded envelopes, plus more suitable for fragile items such as shoes.

Cargo Rates

DTDC offers very cheap cargo rates to all its customers. In fact, it has kept these rates at a level that is still pocket-friendly.

The company also provides you with flexible payment options and allows you to pay online or through bank transfers as well as cash on delivery.

It also gives you free insurance cover for your shipments while they are being transported by DTDC couriers.


DTDC provides international express shipping, parcel tracking & customs clearance service to millions of customers worldwide.

Since 1999, they have been your one-stop shop for door-to-door delivery of your shipments no matter where you live or where it’s coming from.

Our network of more than 1,700 agents and over 17,000 partners allows them to get packages to you efficiently, quickly, and at an affordable price.

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