DPEX Tracking – Track & Trace Courier Worldwide (Malaysia)

DPEX Shipping Company offers fast, reliable, and secure ways to ship goods around the world at affordable prices. It’s very popular in Asia and Europe, but it’s quickly expanding into the United States as well.

With an ever-increasing volume of packages being shipped worldwide every day, it can be tricky to track your package and make sure that it reaches you on time and in the right condition.

Whether you’re sending or receiving your package, DPEX tracking helps you manage all the movements of the shipment along the way and receive delivery notifications when they’re due.

This article explains how to use DPEX tracking to your advantage and get updates about where your shipment is and when you can expect it to arrive at its destination!

How to Check DPEX Tracking Courier?

In order to track your package, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the DPEX website and log in using a valid email address.
  • Then click MY PAGE in blue letters on the right side of the homepage. How can I track my DPEX Package?
  • Click Track Your Package located on the top right side corner of the page.
  • For registered customers select the shipping option in which you sent out a package before.
  • Enter the tracking number (it’s printed on your receipt) and click Find.

You will see all information about your shipment including current location, expected delivery date, and the estimated time of arrival.

DPEX Tracking via SMS

If you want to get information about your delivery on the SMS, you should follow these steps

  • Sign up for a DPEX account
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will receive a verification code
  • Enter it in DPEX
  • You can now track packages via SMS!

DPEX Courier Customer Care (Malaysia)

Customer care is at the core of the DPEX. The staff is very helpful and always ready to help you with any issue you might have.

They will try to resolve your issue in a timely manner, if they can’t solve it immediately they will escalate your request to another department or team that can help you out with your problem.

If you want to talk to someone directly, simply use their live chat feature on their website or contact them by phone and they will be happy to assist you in any way possible. You can also call them at +65 67818888.

International Customer Care

This shipping company has a wide range of connections all over the world. It caters to its international clients with the best services at the most affordable rates.

They have a separate staff for foreign clients who are skilled in many languages and can help you in any situation you are facing.

If you need any help regarding your shipment or if you are facing any problem then feel free to contact them via email at [email protected]  or phone call and get your query resolved as soon as possible.

This company offers some very cheap and reliable transport solutions for both domestic and international shipments which will be carried out by experienced professionals with an aim to provide their customers with maximum satisfaction.

DPEX Tracking Number Format

Their tracking number format consists of 12 numeric digits.  The first 8 digits are alphanumeric and represent your package’s origin and destination, while the last 4 digits are numeric and serve as a unique identifier for your package.

CEO DPEX Courier Company

Donald Tay is CEO of DPEX shipping company. He has been in the shipping industry for more than 10 years and he knows how to make DPEX stand out from its competitors.

He said that DPEX shipping company is going to be great and they are always looking for new ways to provide better service to their customers.

They always have a goal to provide the best service possible with the lowest price so their customers will come back again and again. Donald is a member of the board of directors at DPEX shipping company and he also plays an important role as a consultant.

He helps other people who want to start a business or improve their current business by giving them valuable advice. Donald has worked on many projects before, including online stores, real estate, construction companies, etc.

His experience helped him become an expert in business management and marketing strategy.

dpex tracking

DPEX International Logistics

DPEX shipping company is a worldwide logistics company that specializes in distributing goods to buyers around the world.

This can be done through their use of expert international shippers and a sophisticated network of facilities and hubs that span every corner of Earth.

This allows DPEX to get your goods shipped across borders, continents, oceans, and time zones quickly while keeping them in top condition with innovative packaging techniques that ensure your products will reach their destinations without damage or loss of quality from start to finish.

With its expertise and experience in global shipping, DPEX has been able to grow into one of the largest international logistics companies on Earth.

Their business model has proven so successful that they have earned an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau for customer satisfaction year after year since opening for business in 2102.

If you are looking for a reliable way to ship items overseas or need help getting items from point A to point B domestically, then you should contact DPEX today!

DPEX Tracking Aftership

Aftership is a website that allows you to add your Dpex tracking number to your shipments. You can access Aftership by using any device that has an internet and a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

The information and data on DPEX tracking will automatically be updated after each shipment. If there are any changes to your order status, they will also be reflected in real-time.

This way, you can always stay up to date with all of your packages without having to keep track of multiple websites or emails.

DPEX Parcel Complaint

If customers have any complaint about Dpex shipping company then they can write a mail to their customer care department.

You can also call them to record your complaint. The call agents are very sophisticated and capable of solving all kinds of problems and queries.

DPEX Head Office

Their headquarters are located in Changi South Street 1 Singapore, 486059 Singapore.

List of DPEX Courier Branches in Malaysia

Branch Name Contact No Email Address



[email protected]



Soewarna Business Park,
Cengkareng, Jakarta 23110,




[email protected]



Bui Dinh Tuy Street, Ward 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam






[email protected]



46 Jalan Sri Kluang, Taman Sri Kluang, Johore,




[email protected]



No 2795 Kongjiang Road,
Guiren Building
Shanghai 200085 




[email protected]



Suginami Ku
Tokyo 1477-0031 




[email protected]



Room 8, Credo Chawl,
Near Sai Hanuman Mandir, Sahar Mumbai 49,




[email protected]



217 Sussex Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000




[email protected]



Andrew Baxter Drive,
Airport Oaks, Auckland, New Zealand 




[email protected]



The Mill Farm Business Park,
Hounslow, Middlesex TW8 3PY, United Kingdom 




[email protected]



Golf Park Building,
Office # 213, Al Gharoudh, PO Box 47692, Dubai U.A.E. 

DPEX Services

DPEX offers a wide range of services from basic delivery to full door-to-door service and even includes customs clearance where required at no extra cost.

Transport services

DPEX Transport has always focused on delivering top-class services. Its affordable shipping rates, real-time tracking of your cargo, 100% secure parcel delivery; dedicated staff, and wide coverage area make Dpex Transport one of the best shipping companies for both domestic and international shipments.

Bus transport

DPEX has high-quality buses to deliver sensitive items to their customers. These vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system so that customer can track their consignments on a real-time basis.

This company is providing door-to-door service for its customers. It also offers same-day delivery in some cities.

Overland services

DPEX overland services include a wide range of shipping solutions for customers, from full container loads to single pallets.

If you have a small shipment that needs to be delivered across town or an entire container of cargo that needs to be shipped overseas, they can provide you with a solution.

Their services are designed for any size project and they offer many flexible options so you can choose what works best for your business. They also offer free pickup and delivery services in major cities worldwide.

Cash on delivery

DPEX caters to its customers by providing those cash on delivery services.  This is a very convenient way of purchasing products and services.

You can order from any part of the country and pay only after you have received your product. This is a great boon for people who do not have credit cards or debit cards.

The Cash on Delivery (COD) facility enables them to shop without worrying about their payment methods.

About DPEX Company

DPEX shipping company was founded in 1999. DPEX Worldwide is an established Express and E-Commerce service provider in the Asia Pacific region, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

With its head office located in Singapore, DPEX has been providing reliable services to customers across the Asia Pacific region for more than 15 years with a large network of branches and partners throughout South East Asia (including Malaysia), Japan & Korea.

DPEX’s focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence has allowed them to build a strong reputation as one of Asia’s leading international express forwarders.

Their commitment to providing world-class logistics solutions is backed by their track record and expertise in delivering high-quality services that meet customers’ needs.

They have over 4000 employees worldwide who work together to ensure superior customer experience from door-to-door delivery. By leveraging technology and innovation, DPEX continues to develop new products and services that enhance its clients’ business operations.

Their advanced tracking system provides real-time updates of all shipments and allows customers to monitor shipment status 24/7 via the internet or phone.

They also offer other value-added services such as customs clearance, consolidation, warehousing, and distribution, and cross-border e-commerce fulfillment.

DPEX Franchise

The DPEX shipping franchise will allow you to start your own freight company.  You’ll have a wide range of options when choosing which type of shipping business you want to run, including full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), air freight, and more.

Your business can be operated from anywhere and is completely mobile; all vehicles are leased by DPEX and come with professional drivers.

You’ll also have access to a variety of technology tools that make running your business easier, including a dispatch system, tracking software, and more.


DPEX offers various career opportunities to its employees. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, they have several positions open for you.

DPEX Jobs – How to Apply?

This company offers the following jobs to passionate people:

  • Shipper
  • Helper,
  • Fraud investigator
  • Customer service representative.

Other jobs include cs executive, insurance adjuster, junior accountant, and sales manager.

Working hours

The staff at DPEX works 6 days a week; Monday through Saturday. The weekend shifts are a little shorter since they begin at 7 am and end at 5 pm.

Delivery time

This can vary, depending on where you live and how quickly you need your parcel to be at its destination. DPEX states that their average delivery time is five working days from pick up from the factory to delivery at your door.

Box sizes

DPEX currently has 7 standard box sizes. Each box can be used for shipping a certain number of items and at a certain cost. DPEX also offers customizable boxes that can fit any package you need to be shipped, so if you have something that doesn’t fit into one of their boxes, they’ll make sure it gets there safely and quickly.

Cargo rates

The prices are based on weight, size, and distance from the origin to the destination.  You can get an estimate of shipping costs using Dpex’s online calculator tool. However, in most cases, you will need to contact them directly for a quote.

DPEX Mission

Its mission is to be your trusted partner when you need fast, secure, and cost-effective global logistics solutions.

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