Delivery Process Guidelines of Mytoll Group

Delivery Process Guidelines of Mytoll Group

My toll Group of Shipping Guidelines provides shipping services to customers. The most important thing in the delivery process is that goods are shipped to the customer safely and without any damage, so the company has made sure the guidelines are 100% by the safety requirements of all goods.

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General Guidelines

Delivery Process Guidelines of Mytoll Group

Most delivery companies charge a fee for bringing items to your home, and/or you’ll need to take time off work if it comes when you’re at work.

However, with the Mytoll group of shipping, you only pay for what you receive. Not a cent more. This means, for instance, that shipping an empty box costs almost nothing (and does not require that you take any time off). The best part? No picking up boxes at shops and hauling them home!

Step 1: Order Confirmation and Mode of Payment

Once you have placed an order, the company will send you a confirmation email. Once your payment is received, you’ll receive another order confirmation and further details about shipping. Your order will be processed within 24 hours after receiving payment by credit card.

Step 2: Item Confirmation and Tracking Details

As soon as we receive your order, their Customer Service Team will send you an e-mail message that includes your tracking number. At your request, they will also send you a consolidated shipment notification. Please check your e-mail regularly for shipping confirmation and tracking information.

Your order may be shipped to multiple locations (e.g., family members) in which case multiple packages may arrive on different days with separate tracking numbers for each package.

Step 3: Delivery Confirmation – Signature on delivery

The consignee must be present at the time of delivery and accept delivery. The consignee should check to make sure that all packages have been received in proper condition, and if any packages are missing or damaged, they should write on the transportation document AD (Accepted Damaged). If there is no damage, it can be noted with UD (Un-damaged). The consignee is required to sign on transportation document whether there are missing parts or not.

Step 4: Damage Report/Claims Handling

Once you have your shipment delivered, it is mandatory to check that it has been handled properly. Any damage should be reported immediately to avoid issues later. If a package was mishandled by MyToll’s freight carrier, you can file a damage claim. MyToll will issue compensation upon approval.


These guidelines are intended to define how you should deliver parcels sent by them to the clients. For example, if a parcel was damaged in transit due to faulty packaging they will not accept any liability for loss or damage.

The same applies if a parcel that is addressed and prepaid fails to reach its destination. They can no longer accept shipments that they believe have been tampered with, opened, or repackaged after they leave their warehouse.

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